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While practicing I received a text message from my friend Annette, the singer, if she could invite herself for a ride on my new motorbike – since I looked for a good excuse not to practice too much, I told her to come over.

We had a little coffee first (I just got into self-roasting my espresso beans, which is a science for itself, but what can I do – I love coffee so much. No, don’t need it, doesn’t really do anything to me, but I love the taste!), talked about the day, Hertha BSC (the Berlin soccer club) and what airheads both of us are. I was even wondering if this had anything to do with some kind of depression, because sometimes I don’t manage to do the most easy things, like picking up a sweater from the floor, or, my worst nightmare, bringing down the garbage. I pile it up until it reaches the ceiling (well, not quite), even though it would take me 2 minutes to bring it down.

Anyway, after we had whined for about 10 minutes about our inabilitiy to organize our households, we left for a little motorbike ride. Right before closing the door to my apartment, I had 2 sets of keys in my hands – motorbike set and housekey set. Once the door closed, I had only one in my hands, the motorbike set. Locked myself out of the apartment seconds after I had complained about my airheadness.

Luckily enough our cleaning lady lives 15 minutes away – called her, assured she was home, and off I thought we’d go. No – I stalled the bike, battery was somehow empty, and we were stranded. Car keys in the apartment, bike broken, and my son about 40 minutes from coming home. What to do? I asked the Italian Trattoria next door for helping us start this silly bike, which they did, then I raced to the cleaning lady, got the key, and got back about 1 minute before my son came home from school…


  • andrey

    Alban, ich wusste nicht, das Du auch eine Tendenz am Exbitionismus hast! :-)))
    hoffe, das meines e-mail hat Dich erreicht.
    (Schnittke kling sehr schoen!!)

  • andrey

    Und noch:

    1. Tolles webpage. Echt kool. Gratuliere!
    2. In Vancouver haben wir schoene Shopping gehabt! Ich trage diese Armani-Sachen noch bis heute. Beste Gruesse an Bass-Trombone, seine Frau Natasha, und alle andere Musiker von VSO



  • Alban

    me, exhibitionist? Never ๐Ÿ™‚ well, it’s like a diary in a way, I guess…
    I will send the Vancouver Symphony your regards, promise, Maestro (Boreyko). How is your life going, how is the apartment in Hamburg? Much love,


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