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Family Holidays

My German manager and friend Markus Bröhl told me today on the phone that finally I sounded happy again and wanted to know what the problem was before. Nothing, I replied, I was as miserable and sad as always 🙂 My situation is exactly the same like the weeks before, except that I am a bit nervous since I haven’t touched the cello for 6 days, and in 2 days there is a Haydn D Major in Nashville to play.But then I realized that the “happiness” Markus felt on the phone was probably just that: I hadn’t touched the cello and went skiing instead with my son in Austria. Very little snow but we had the greatest time! We skied more or less the whole skiing day and had so much fun. We stayed at this farmhouse in Schwarzenberg for the fourth time in a row, Janos played with their kids in the evenings and we cooked delicious dinners, played games, talked, laughed, no music….

And somehow these 6 hours in the fresh mountain air completely regenerated me, my batteries are recharged and I am ready to take on the huge workload waiting for me in the next few months (so much repertoire to learn, it’s not even funny…)

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