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How do you get concerts?

As with all soloists nothing goes without managers, and after some rather negative experiences I finally found a team which I trust to develop and to put my visions and ideas into realitiy.

My so called general management is located in London, the agency SulivanSweetland, two lovely ladies, directly responsible for finding concerts in the UK, Benelux, Scandinavia and Australia as well as my recording deal with Hyperion. In addition to that they not only coordinate my entire calendar and the already existing local representations, but they try to establish me in markets in which I am not so present, especially Asia. They put together presskits, demo cd‘s, send them with letters or hand them personally on their numerous travels out to representers, orchestras and local managers, since personal contact counts more than ever. The times where an agent picks up the phone and arranges the concerts are over for a while. It is a hard job, and I wouldn‘t want to switch with them, concertizing is much easier. The two other most important managements, with whom I am in constant touch is my Germany management called markus bröhl artists and concerts. The owner is a friend of mine, who loves music and his artists more than anything, that he puts his work above everything else. And last but not least Michal Schmidt in New York who has done miraculous work in the shortest of all periods. Within a year she had turned my American career around by just informing every single orchestra about me, and within months she had filled an entire season with eight different orchestras. Most important for me is the fact, that all of them care about music and the human being behind the musician which results into me being able for the first time in my professional life to take with their support an entire summer month off – I am not twenty anymore and I need a break to „recharge the battery“!

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