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  • Monica

    Alban: it is fascinating to read your words about the outreach work you did this month in Portland. I was there throughout and although I have my impressions of what happened and was accomplished in each event, to hear what you took away with you is so enlightening. You worked so earnestly wherever you went and I am glad you experienced the rewards of this work, as well. Thank you sincerely for 3 years of amazing residency work.

  • Heide Oeldorf-Hirsch

    I read this whole blog. Alban sounds like a compassionate, considerate, helpful, rather modest, very dependable and loveable ARTIST to me, who attends to other people or their problems, and likes making them happy with his music. – He also shows a cute sense of humor, e.g., I smiled when reading in the 2nd last paragraph “… but after having played the monumental Prelude of the 5th Suite, I just continued playing in this rather dark mood on the g-string, the probably most introverted rendition of Ode to Joy, preparing the ground for the maybe saddest of all pieces, the c-minor Sarabande – I definitely never played it like that before, and since there is no recording to prove me wrong, I think I never played it better. 🙂 [That smiley there made me laugh]…”.

  • David Trainer

    just listened to a broadcast of a concert given in Hobart in 2014. Your Dvorak concerto was divine!

  • mark koenigsberg

    Alban – So wonderful to read this blog even if it is a few years old. I am a Portlander and a concert goer and heard you perform last night with the Symphony. I thought how much fun it must be for you to sit with the orchestra after your concerto and be “just” one of the group. Thank you for continuing to grace our little city with your talents and your energy.

    I love the Bach Cello Suites, among the most amazing music ever composed I think and it was treat hearing you play a few of them a couple of years back, I think year two of your residency at the Ace Hotel. You had just arrived in town and were jet lagged but you found the magic and made it happen.

    I do hope that your travels will take you back to Portland. Keep spreading the joy of music and human connection as you travel our planet.

    All the best – Mark Koenigsberg


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