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Willkommen zu Alban’s Blog

Since a while I started thinking of starting my own blog in order to get some more feedback from fellow musicians or general audiences about the way I see, feel and understand music making, the music “scene” or business as well as general things in culture. I have no idea if there is a real interest for this, but I thought I’d check it out and see what happens…


  • Bob

    Great idea to have a blog so we can see what you’re thinking as well as what you’re doing. I hesitate to write you directly because I know you are so busy. I only hope you find time to keep it up and we find time to read it. I set up a cello wiki for the Kindler Club ( and it is cool and easy to edit but nobody does. Best wishes, Bob

  • Alban

    Hey Bob, thanks for writing! Well, I thought it might be a good idea, but it’s only as good as I manage to really write my thoughts in it. Will try to write something now, since I am not soooo busy these days, just have to learn two Reger Sonatas, two Reger Suites, the Alkan Sonata, finally the C Major Bachsuite (have to play them all in June, and C Major I never did in my life… shame on me) – but no concerts for another week, how lucky am I!
    All best,

  • ranko

    Hallo Alban,
    ich suche durch internet, wann du geburtstag has. Ich weiß es ist im mai.
    wenn ich zu spät bin, wunsche ich dir alles, alles gute.

    der ranko


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