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Yesterday I bought my first motorbike. Yes, on some of the photos I am riding a scooter, and yes, this was mine, and yes, I did ride it with my cello on the back. But now, just after summer, I made my motorbike licence, checked out autoscout24 and got myself a Yamaha XJ600N. His mother doesn’t really want me to take Janos more than once a week, but I guess this is going to be difficult, since it is sooooooo much fun to drive around Berlin, especially having your kid behind you. I would have loved my father do anything like that with me…

Or am I just irresponsible, putting my son and myself at unnecessary risk? But what’s life without risking a bit? Next week I will take him with me to Vancouver, and on my day off we will go skiing at Mount Whistler (or something like that). Yeah! Just don’t tell the Vancouver Symphony ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Paul K

    Nothing like a little bit of risk…

    People ask me how I can play cello and do the rock climbing I do. I figure that life isn’t exactly living if you are always worried about not being able to do what you want instead of just doing it!

    I saw you a few years ago when you were playing with Fort Worth. My youth symphony, from Albuquerque, was in town and came to see you play Shostakovich. It was positively delightful. I thought you would be pleased to know that your headband inspired our cello section to do the same for our Tchaikowsky fourth symphony concert.

    I’m now at CCM (with Lee Fiser) and loving it. And it’s always great to hear how you’re doing. Thanks for posting your blog on the cello society. It’s great!


  • Alban

    Hi Paul, wow, you are at CCM – I studied there for a year and absolutely loved it!! How is Lee Fiser? Give him my best, crazy, great guy! Well, my wife made me get rid of the headband, sorry for that…
    I would even say maybe the rockclimbing is even helping your celloplaying, this complete focus , because one little mistake might lead to your death. And besides that, the kind of muscles you develop in rock climbing rather support in their sublety your celloplaying.
    Greetings to Cincinnati – Alban

  • Kaoru

    This is probably going to sound a bit odd, but I just bought a motorbike too and I want to ride it with my cello on the back… But it’s so unconfortable! How do you do it!!

  • Alban

    Hi Kaoru,

    yes, it is not the most comfortable, but for shorter distances it is quite alright. I did it all my life on a normal bycicle, so on a motorbike it is almost easier, because at least you don’t have to pedal… ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am not carrying the cello on my back though, but it is hanging from my right shoulder.
    Good luck trying (don’t go faster than 55 km/h, at least with me the cello starts flying then…


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