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Season Over!

Over the past few months I had built up so much respect for August 2nd, the day I had to play in three different churches (in three different little cities in the North of Germany) all the Bachsuites.  Since I had  only played the last  three suites  in concert  I was very nervous about doing them all,  especially since I am not really convinced  about  how  Bach should be done. And now it’s over!At 11 am I did No.3 and No.4 (with a bit of talking before each), at 2 pm I only had to play No.1 and also the 1st Regersuite, because it was titled as a workshop, that meant I also had to talk for 40 minutes about my rather personal relation to Bach and performance practice, and in the evening I did the remaining ones, Nos. 2, 5 and 6, without a break.

As I wrote in a previous blog, this was the last concert of my season, the next one won’t be until September 2nd, which means, almost 4 weeks in which I don’t have to touch the cello – a break I desperately need. What a great feeling while playing the last bars of the Gigue of the 6th Suite, the feeling of total relief and accomplishment, after having played the most difficult suite as well as I never had done it before. And I couldn’t stop myself of saying to the audience before the second encore that these would be my last notes before my holidays. The had to laugh because it must have sounded so happy and fulfilled.

Oh, it was an interesting project: the organizer, the Sommerlichen Musiktage Hitzacker, had driven the audience of 400 (!) in buses to each of the churches, so I had the same audience in three different places, one more beautiful than the other, and I must say, that concept really worked. It gave these masterworks time to have their effect on the listener, and by changing surroundings it kept it all fresh. I hope more organizer will pick this idea up, I would be very happy to do it again.

Now I just arrived back home in Berlin, having about 14 hours until our plane leaves to Mauritius where I will be the laziest person in the world – maybe I’ll report from there, maybe not 🙂


  • Uwe + Hildegard Harries

    only by chance we dropped into the last concert in Hitzacker
    and we are enthusiatic about the specific interpretation of the
    suites. We were very much impressed by Ligeti and Rostropowitsch
    and we think that this music is necessary today.
    It gave us a great lightness andjoy.
    We are greatful to have heard your music!

    Have a wonderful holiday,

    yours Uwe + Hildegard Harries, Ahrensburg

  • Alban

    Dear Uwe and Hildegard, thanks a lot for being there, it was an incredible feeling to play in front of such enthusiast and eager-to-listen audience – I never felt so comfortable playing Bach in front of an audience like yesterday.
    Best wishes,
    Yours Alban

  • Katharina Timm

    I visit all 3 concerts, it was a great to hear all 6 suite at one day. The workshop, I think,was good. You talk about your cello and your kind to play, it was interesting.

    Yours Katharina Timm, Tripkau / Amt Neuhaus


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