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  • Eileen Boden

    Hi Alban
    We LOVE your blogs/newsletters, and the only reason for not telling you is that we assumed you were far too busy to want more”stuffing” in your inbox, practising, performing, dashing across continents, or just wanting to spend more time with the family.
    Please keep them up, both the comments on music and the adventures in between concerts. Stressful just reading about those!
    Sadly was away and missed your Wigmore concert this month, but are looking forward to the quintets in June.
    Very Best Wishes from Uli and me

  • John Stilwell

    Dear Alban,
    The defining element that makes your blog so enjoyable is the fact that you do delve into the more philosophical side of music and contemplate the life-long journey of what it means to be a musician. Far from “oversharing”, there is a refreshing honesty and authenticity in your blog about some of the life-balance challenges of being a performing artist, and how you find creative ways of mastering them.

    The ubiquitous litany of your tour dates never comes off as superficial braggadocio but rather as a testimony of your dedication to a worldwide following of people who truly enjoy your musicianship, our family included.

    And if you don’t publish a blog for a few months, I enjoy it all the more when you do. I have learned so much about cello playing reading your fascinating stories (e.g. ‘Zen in the art of breathing’, a fresh take on the ‘old school of tough love’, and typical daily exercises, to name but a few)! Keep up the wonderful work on all fronts!
    Kindest regards from Aachen,

    • Alban Gerhardt Post author

      Dear John,
      thanks for your flattering comment, I am blushing – funny that you mention daily exercises as I have spent about 4 hours in Liège trying to put a 3-minute-video together in which I am introducing my daily routines (one by one in a series of videos). But when I showed to my wife and my big son, they couldn’t stop laughing so I deleted it. I looked like an alien, or like a hypnotized rabbit staring into the camera of my computer, not a pretty sight 🙂 But I won’t give up so quickly, more to come… Warm wishes from Berlin, Alban

  • Robert Park

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, dark or otherwise, so candidly. Unfortunately, your website is blocked by the security police on my corporate network, but I just discovered that I can still access it using my corporate phone. Yes, the world continues to decline toward anarchy, fascism, or both. But music remains as the last refuge of truth and beauty. Don’t give up, we need you!

    • Alban Gerhardt Post author

      strange world, indeed, with this horrible plane crash in the French Alpes today – musicians on board, a singer, my wife was acquainted with, her entire family wiped out – yes, we need music, that’s for sure? And do we need me? Not really, but thanks for saying it anyway 🙂 I hope to see you in June when I come to play in Baltimore (with the Symphony), Shostakovich No.1, are you around, dear friend? Cheers, Alban

  • Alban Gerhardt Post author

    Dear Eileen, dear Uli,
    thank you for your sweet message, I missed you in London – in June you will then meet my wife at last as she is part of this heavenly combo I will be performing with 🙂 Oh, I am not expecting any praise for what I am writing here, but if it would start some kind of discussion about anything I’d be happy – maybe I should write more controversial stuff 🙂
    Warm wishes from Berlin, see you in Berlin! Alban

  • Fredrik Bergman

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I have been listening a lot to your records,especially the ones from Hyperion, and it was a great joy to finally see you “live” in Helsingborg, Sweden.

    • Alban Gerhardt Post author

      Thanks, Fredrik, I enjoyed my time in Helsingborg very much, lovely city with a wonderful orchestra, and such a great-sounding hall! Hope to be back one day soon, best wishes, Alban


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