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What would you like to change in the music business?

I’d love to see a greater humility towards the music in this business which should not even be called like that. There are too many promoter and artists who are thinking first profit and then the music (if at all). It got for my taste a bit too “fee-oriented” instead of just trying to do justify ones existence as an artist.

And very few of these artists and their manager are aware of the fact that we are not reaching the younger audiences with this kind of snobby approach („we are something better than everybody else, our music is more valuable than the popular music“), and whenever people are trying, they are often using cheap tricks. I try with most basic tools to make personal contact with the younger generation wherever I perform. How? I offer myself to go to public schools and to show them that classical music is something very much alive, that one can appreciate it without ever having learned anything about it, and that we musicians are as funny, young-spirited, sports- and pops fanatic as themselves.

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